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Discover Your Path to Peace of Mind with Our Unique Blend of Professional Coaching, In-Depth Learning Modules, and a Supportive Community of Peers.

Step 1. Engage with Dementia Professionals

 Step 2. Deepen Your Understanding with Learning Modules

Step 3. Connect and Grow with Our Community

Trying to Help a Loved One with Dementia is Overwhelming
If you don't have a plan, you will…

  • Struggle to Balance Caregiving and your Personal Life
  • Become exhausted from all the Trial-and-Error Approaches
  • Face Uncertainty in your Care Decisions

Learn and Apply a 6-Step Process to Increased Caregiver Ease


Committing to Care with Understanding and Compassion

Choosing Caregiving — The Takeoff.

We begin our caregiving journey with commitment, focusing on understanding and compassion. This initial phase sets a strong emotional foundation, emphasizing patience, love, and unwavering support for our loved ones and each other. It’s more than just managing tasks; it’s about building a supportive and dignified caregiving environment from the start.


Preparation in Caregiving - Laying the Foundation

Choosing Preparation — The Preflight Check

Following our commitment, the Preparation phase involves laying the groundwork for effective dementia care. We prepare mentally and practically, gathering essential information, organizing resources, and setting realistic goals. This stage is key for aligning expectations and equipping ourselves to navigate daily caregiving challenges with a solid, informed base.


Certainty in Caregiving - Crafting Your Plan

Choosing Certainty — The Flight Path

With a strong foundation in place, we move to the Certainty phase, focusing on developing a comprehensive dementia care plan. This step is crucial for crafting a balanced, informed, and adaptable strategy that ensures quality care for our loved ones. It’s about having a clear vision and actionable roadmap to guide our caregiving decisions and strengthen our relationships.


Prioritize in Caregiving - Focusing on What Matters Most

Choosing Prioritization — Navigating the Turbulence

In the Prioritize phase, we learn to focus on the most critical aspects of our caregiving journey. This stage is about discerning priorities for the well-being of our loved ones and our health as caregivers. We manage time effectively, allocate resources judiciously, and make informed decisions, refining our caregiving approach to have a significant, positive impact.


Capable in Caregiving - Enhancing Skills and Knowledge

Choosing Capability — Gaining Altitude

The Capable phase is where we enhance our skills and deepen our knowledge. This stage is crucial for building emotional resilience and practical caregiving skills. We aim to grow stronger in our roles, developing a caregiving environment that is both positive and effective for ourselves and our loved ones.


Planning in Caregiving - Charting the Course Ahead

Choosing Planning — The Flight Plan

Finally, in the Planning phase, we focus on creating a detailed, long-term plan for our caregiving journey. This stage involves setting clear objectives and outlining step-by-step approaches. We transform our growing knowledge and skills into a structured plan, guiding our actions and decisions with purpose, efficiency, and foresight.

Your Flight Plan for Dementia Caregiving with Ease


Join The Dementia Caregiving Association

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Make a Plan

Our tailored online courses and exclusive live events for members provide you with a practical, easy-to-follow plan to enhance the six essential aspects of your dementia caregiving journey.


Watch Your Caregiving Skills Take Off

With a strategy that’s been effectively proven in dementia caregiving, you’ll be astonished at how your confidence soars and the sense of being overwhelmed diminishes.

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Dementia Care Flight School: The Caregiving Training Program Designed to Elevate Your Caregiving Skills

You shouldn’t have to navigate the complexities of dementia caregiving alone, experimenting with countless approaches when there's already a proven strategy that works. Dementia Care Flight School is tailored for family caregivers aiming to enhance their caregiving skills efficiently and effectively, alongside a supportive community of fellow caregivers, with the weekly guidance of our experienced team


30-Day Heartfelt Support Guarantee


What they say

couple reviews
The love and caring concern Lizette had for me as well as my mother was evident.

She asked me how I was handling the stress, the sadness, and the responsibilities. I had been a caretaker of both my first husband and my mother, and nobody had ever asked me how I was doing, until she did. God's grace is so evident in Lizette's life, she exudes love, kindness, concern, integrity, and also knowledge and wisdom of this illness. Lizette taught me not to ask questions that would confuse my mother. She helped me understand how to help her with her hallucinations and have kind, caring involvement in "her" world, to give her meals without asking (especially since I knew her likes and dislikes already), to let her dress herself instead of picking out her clothes for her, etc. It really helped me help Mom better.

Lizette has a gift for working with and teaching people about dementia.

Lizette’s personal experiences, her heart and her dedication help people like me get through the dementia journey without falling apart. Both my parents have dementia and were diagnosed within 3 months of each other. The only thing I knew when we started was that my Dad’s brain was shrinking and my Mom’s body was becoming atrophiedThey couldn’t live on their own anymore. I could not have taken my parents out of an institutional setting to care for them at home without Lizette. She helped prepare me for the emotional loss I am experiencing. Usually, her first question is: “How can I help you?”

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