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30% of caregivers die before the person they help.

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Dear Fellow Caregiver in Christ

Helping a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. I'm Lizette- veteran Occupational Therapist  turned dementia coach and pastor's wife. With over 30 years of professional and personal experience, I provide faith-based, practical solutions to ease your caregiving burden and bring joy to your journey.

Like any life altering diagnosis- including dementia- caregiving is about doing the right things, in the right ways at the right time. Guessing your way through dementia caregiving, which is what most people do, is a recipe for failure, but following the lead of someone who has a proven solution from a Christian worldview and can show you the way is a simple recipe for success.

I’ve been a dementia caregiver, both professionally for 30+ years and personally for 5+ years. Been there, done that… got the t-shirt.  

And I’d love to show you the way. 

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Experience PEACE in Dementia Caregiving with Our Advanced Approach:

  • Person with Dementia: Tailored care plans for individual needs using the latest techniques.
  • Environment of Care: Create a supportive, safe environment with innovative strategies.
  • Activity Engagement: Meaningful activities that bring joy, crafted with cutting-edge methods.
  • Caregiver Contribution to Behavior: Understand and positively influence behaviors using advanced insights.
  • Evaluate/Educate: Continuous assessment and education to empower caregivers with the latest knowledge.


The Dementia Caregiving Made Easy Flight Plan

Choose one of 2 innovative dementia coaching programs where I personally guide you and ease the burden of your dementia caregiving by using proven processes.  

  • Clarify your starting point and develop a personalized care plan with our innovative approach.
  • Learn skills to adjust to ongoing changes without feeling overwhelmed, using our cutting-edge methods.
  • Create moments of joy and meaningful engagement with advanced strategies.
  • Communicate effectively and avoid common pitfalls with our expert guidance.
  • Find peace and contentment as a Christian caregiver using our proven, advanced solutions.
  • Discover proven solutions that instantly ease your caregiver burden without increasing the time you spend caregiving.
  • Learn which communication techniques you must stop using today and which you can't ever stop using. 
  • Become a competent and calm dementia caregiver .
  • Find joy in being a caregiver...and make lasting memories together.
  • Be content as a Christian caregiver, despite a dementia diagnosis.

The 3 Easy Steps How To Have

Less Dementia Caregiver Stress


Schedule Your Free Check-Up:

Start your journey with a personalized assessment using the latest techniques.

Reduce Your Stress:

Learn practical techniques and communication skills with our cutting-edge methods.

Focus Your Care:

Center your caregiving on faith and effective, innovative strategies.

Don't let stress and overwhelm rob you of precious moments with your loved one. Schedule your free check-up today and start your journey towards peace and joy with our innovative approach.

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The love and caring concern Lizette had for me as well as my mother was evident.

She asked me how I was handling the stress, the sadness, and the responsibilities. I had been a caretaker of both my first husband and my mother, and nobody had ever asked me how I was doing, until she did. God's grace is so evident in Lizette's life, she exudes love, kindness, concern, integrity, and also knowledge and wisdom of this illness. Lizette taught me not to ask questions that would confuse my mother. She helped me understand how to help her with her hallucinations and have kind, caring involvement in "her" world, to give her meals without asking (especially since I knew her likes and dislikes already), to let her dress herself instead of picking out her clothes for her, etc. It really helped me help Mom better.
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Lizette has a gift for working with and teaching people about dementia.

Lizette’s personal experiences, her heart and her dedication help people like me get through the dementia journey without falling apart. Both my parents have dementia and were diagnosed within 3 months of each other. The only thing I knew when we started was that my Dad’s brain was shrinking and my Mom’s body was becoming atrophied. They couldn’t live on their own anymore. I could not have taken my parents out of an institutional setting to care for them at home without Lizette. She helped prepare me for the emotional loss I am experiencing. Usually, her first question is: “How can I help you?”
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About "Think Different" Dementia.

Think Different Dementia was founded on the belief that God is in the details, and that dementia care can be filled with purpose and positivity. Our faith-based and innovative approach ensures that every caregiver feels supported and empowered.

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