About Lizette


Discover how burdened you are as a caregiver and learn how to fix it. 

Dementia Caregiving is Hard, 

But You Don't Have to Do it Alone

Are you a Christian caring for a spouse or the adult child of someone living with dementia and want to glorify God and honor your loved-one despite a dementia diagnosis?

The struggle is real…

What if you could take the frustration, overwhelm and regret you’ve been feeling for years while dementia caregiving and turn it into becoming healthy, happy and resilient as a caregiver?

Hi! I’m Lizette Cloete, veteran Occupational therapist, pastor’s wife and daughter of 2 parents with cognitive loss. 

And we are on this journey together. 

With over 30+ years of experience as an occupational-therapist-turned-dementia-coach and 5 years of being a daughter-of-dementia, as well as being a pastor’s wife, I have helped thousands of families navigate a dementia care journey from diagnosis to death. 

My personal experience as a Christian family caregiver to my parents has opened my eyes to the complexities related to caregiving. 

The real struggles of balancing my own roles and responsibilities, honoring my father and my mother, being my husband's help mate and glorifying God, despite dementia. 

Balancing my own health, my own resources and my own relationships while caregiving. 

That is not even discussing navigating the healthcare system with, and for, my parents. 

This prompted me to develop a unique process to dementia caregiving. From a Biblical and reformed Christian perspective. 

But using the science-backed solutions to dementia caregiving specifically that I have “in my back pocket” from being an occupational therapist with specialty certifications in dementia care. 

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The love and caring concern Lizette had for me as well as my mother was evident.

She asked me how I was handling the stress, the sadness, and the responsibilities. I had been a caretaker of both my first husband and my mother, and nobody had ever asked me how I was doing, until she did. God's grace is so evident in Lizette's life, she exudes love, kindness, concern, integrity, and also knowledge and wisdom of this illness. Lizette taught me not to ask questions that would confuse my mother. She helped me understand how to help her with her hallucinations and have kind, caring involvement in "her" world, to give her meals without asking (especially since I knew her likes and dislikes already), to let her dress herself instead of picking out her clothes for her, etc. It really helped me help Mom better.
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Lizette has a gift for working with and teaching people about dementia.

Lizette’s personal experiences, her heart and her dedication help people like me get through the dementia journey without falling apart. Both my parents have dementia and were diagnosed within 3 months of each other. The only thing I knew when we started was that my Dad’s brain was shrinking and my Mom’s body was becoming atrophied. They couldn’t live on their own anymore. I could not have taken my parents out of an institutional setting to care for them at home without Lizette. She helped prepare me for the emotional loss I am experiencing. Usually, her first question is: “How can I help you?”
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