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In the 100th episode, Lizette shares her personal story of transitioning from faith-informed dementia caregiving advice to faith-forward guidance. The speaker, Lizette, an occupational therapist and dementia coach, emphasizes the importance of integrating faith into the caregiving journey for those dealing with dementia in their loved ones.

She discusses the challenges faced by Christian caregivers and the significance of relying on faith to navigate through difficult times.

2:23 Facing Difficult Decisions in Faith
4:49 The Struggle of Faith-forward vs. Faith-informed
7:31 Offering Support through Ask the Dementia Coach
10:38 Conflicted: Faith-informed or Faith-forward?
13:11 Finding Ease in Dementia Caregiving
15:06 Rebranding for Christian Caregivers
17:34 Spreading Awareness and Seeking Support

Lizette reflects on her decision-making process in deciding whether to make the podcast more faith-forward or remain faith-informed. She discusses the internal conflicts and fears associated with being overtly faith-forward in her content, highlighting the vulnerability that comes with openly sharing one's faith and beliefs.

Despite the challenges and hesitations, Lizette expresses her commitment to being more faith-forward in her approach to better serve Christian caregivers in the dementia community.

The speaker announces the rebranding of the podcast to focus more specifically on providing support to family caregivers of individuals with dementia from a Christian perspective. She emphasizes the importance of combining evidence-based practices with faith-based solutions to offer comprehensive guidance to caregivers.

Lizette invites both believers and non-believers to engage with the podcast, offering valuable insights and practical tips for managing caregiver stress and improving the caregiving experience.

In concluding the episode, Lizette encourages listeners to share the podcast with others in similar caregiving situations, seek support from their church community, and engage in open discussions about the challenges of dementia caregiving.

She highlights the significance of finding hope in faith, especially during the difficult journey of caring for someone with dementia.

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Walking By Faith One Christian Caregivers Dementia Care Journey

Introduction: Walking by Faith

[0:00] The Bible tells us that we need to walk by faith and not by sight.
And so today's 100th episode, which there's a story to how we get to 100 episodes, is my story of how, as of today's episode, I am walking by faith.
This is One Christian Caregiver's Dementia Care Journey, how I am going from faith-informed dementia caregiving advice on this podcast to faith-forward dementia caregiving advice on this podcast.
So welcome to episode number 100, Walking by Faith, One Christian Caregiver's Dementia Caregiving Journey.

Finding Answers and Coping with Dementia

[0:59] Have you recently found out someone you love has dementia?
Struggling to wrap your head around how to be a Christian caregiver?
Searching for answers by joining countless Facebook groups but find them toxic? sick?
Learning how to cope with dementia feels difficult, but learning a Christian caregiving worldview can be easy.
Hey, brother and sister in Christ, I'm Lizette, occupational therapist, pastor's wife turned dementia coach, and a daughter of dementia.
In this podcast, you will learn the truth that the way to make dementia care easy is your faith.
Knowing that a loving God has decreed this hard providence in your life makes all the difference. Here you will gain skills.
You will be challenged by what God says in His Word about caregiving, and you will learn exactly what dementia is and is not.
Find clarity and certainty from God's Word so you have perseverance for this journey.
Use science-backed solutions and biblical principles to redeem your time.
Praying this blesses you as we dive into dementia from a Christian perspective.
Let's glorify God despite the dementia diagnosis.

Facing Difficult Decisions in Faith

[2:24] Most of us at some point or another in our faith journey have been faced with difficult decisions.
Most of us, if you are a Christian for more than five minutes, have experienced some type of adversity or some type of internal struggle related to your own faith journey.
How do I know this? Because...

[2:54] I definitely, as a believer, have had many occasions when this has been true.
I will never forget when we were at seminary, because my husband is actually an ordained pastor.

[3:11] I was lamenting to one of the professors at the seminary something that was extremely challenging to me at that particular time.
And this is 16 or 17 years ago.
For the life of me, I cannot remember what the adversity or the challenge at that time in my life was, but I do remember what the seminary professor, who is also a pastor, said to me with a very soft and gentle spirit.
He tapped me on the shoulders and said, said, Lisette, this is all for your sanctification.
And I do not remember at all what that was, but I do remember his response.
Now, why am I telling you that quick story this morning or today as I'm recording my 100th episode of Dementia Caregiving for Families?
Well, I'm going to to give you a little bit of a backstory into how this podcast came about.
In November last year, as I was getting ready to launch this podcast.

[4:32] I had a tremendous struggle in my heart.
And And the struggle was that I was conflicted related to who this podcast needed to be for.

The Struggle of Faith-forward vs. Faith-informed

[4:49] One of the struggles I had was whether it was going to be what I call faith forward or a lot more directly and overtly talking about my faith and my faith background and my journey, or if I was going to be faith informed.
And I struggled.
I went back and forth between deciding whether I wanted to be faith-forward in this podcast or whether I wanted to be faith-informed.
I have been doing the podcast as I'm recording this today.
It is March the 20th, and this particular episode will be coming out on April the 3rd as my 100th episode, which has a backstory too.
I used to do a different program called The Baffled Brain, Demystifying Dementia, that had 53 or 54 episodes.
So I actually started counting at whatever the next episode was, which is why I have this one titled The 100th Episode, Even though in the podcast apps, it is only showing that I have about 45 or 46 episodes.

[6:10] However, having said that, I am very excited to announce this next part of our journey together.

[6:21] Once a month, on a Thursday evening, I'm going to do a segment called Ask the Dementia Coach.
Where you can actually come into a coaching session with me and other people.

[6:37] Music.
The reason I'm doing this is because I know so many of you guys are struggling on your own and may feel like you're at the end of your rope.
And in order to help serve you better, I wanted to open up this opportunity once a month for you to register for a free Ask the Dementia Coach segment.
Like I said, it will be Thursday evenings, once a month.
Six o'clock Eastern time in the evening.
And the segment is called Ask the Dementia Coach.

[6:38] If they register for the same time, so you can feel what it feels like to actually have dementia coaching.

Offering Support through Ask the Dementia Coach

[7:25] So if you're interested in signing up for that, the link will be in the show notes below.
And I look forward to seeing you on one of these special sessions. questions.

[7:39] The struggle is real.
The struggle has been real for the last four months, whether to be faith-informed or faith-forward.
Now, to be very frank, this is a very difficult decision for me because I have always been, for the past 30 years as an occupational therapist, faith-informed in all of my decisions and answers to questions.
However, I've never been overtly faith forward.
And to be very honest, that scares me. And it scares me for so many reasons.
One of the reasons is because I know how fallible I am.
I know how many mistakes I make.
I know how sometimes I misspeak a Bible verse or a reference out of the Bible, and I don't want to bring any shame to the God who saved me and to Jesus Christ who redeemed me from my sins.
So it is scary, very scary to me to be faith forward because when I'm faith forward, I.

[9:05] I can make so many more mistakes. I can be so much more of a target for other people who do not perhaps share my faith or my beliefs.
And it is extremely scary. I also recognize.

[9:25] And know, having been a pastor's wife, that when you are a pastor or a pastor's wife, the evil one, the devil, definitely will do everything in his power to undermine you.
And by making a decision to go faith forward, I put myself in the crosshairs of the evil one, who will do everything in his limited power to try to circumvent the message of Christ and him crucified for me and for my sins to go forth.
Case in point, I'm recording this podcast and during this podcast, I have started sneezing. I have started coughing.
My voice has started to crackle because I know, even though I cannot prove it to anyone, that the devil, the evil one, does not want me to bring this message to the world.

Conflicted: Faith-informed or Faith-forward?

[10:35] So why is this important to you today?
Because if you've been listening to this podcast for a while, I know that you have heard me speak of my faith.
I know that you have heard me do a Christmas episode.
I know that you have heard me talk to other people about belief and my faith journey, and I speak of the providence of God, I talk about God's sovereignty, all of these kinds of topics.
But I have remained conflicted for months.

[11:11] About whether to remain just faith-informed or to actually go faith-forward.
And today, at this 100th episode, I think I have decided that I want to go faith-forward.
And it's been a very difficult decision for me to make.
It has been a very difficult journey for me on so many different levels, because one part of me says that if I remain faith-informed, I have a bigger opportunity and a bigger platform to reach unbelieving people in the world.
But at the same time, what I have also recognized is that my message isn't clear enough to actually attract and bring into my ecosystem and my ecosphere the people that I truly, truly love to serve, which are the Christian caregivers of a person living with dementia.

[12:15] Why do I feel so strongly about that?
Because I've started to recognize in lots of conversation with other family caregivers who are Christians are actually not looking for or seeking solutions for themselves related to dementia and dementia caregiving because their faith is typically of a nature that says, this is God's sovereignty in my life, this is God's providence in my life, And therefore, I just need to be able to work through this from a faith-based perspective.

[12:59] The reality of the matter is, yes, it is God's providence.
But that doesn't mean that we, as family caregivers of somebody living with

Finding Ease in Dementia Caregiving

[13:09] dementia, need to struggle on our own.
Did you know that caring for a person with dementia doesn't have to be this hard?
If you are struggling and you would like to join our next free workshop, the topic of the workshop is three tips how to avoid challenging dementia behaviors, without stress, anxiety, or burnout.
I invite you to walk away with science-backed dementia caregiving skills that many professionals don't even know after attending this free workshop.

[13:53] If you'd like to register, message me the word workshop on Instagram or check out the link in the show notes below. Thank you.
We do not struggle on our own if we are struggling with a particular sin.
We bring good, godly, wise counsel around us, like our elders or our deacons or a biblical counselor.

[14:23] Think about a particular sin like, say, alcohol abuse or misuse or a sexual sin or something like that. We do not travel alone. loan.
We are not required by God to travel alone.
We are created in community.
We are created to have relationships with one another, and we've been created to have a relationship with God.
And God has put this on my heart over the last four months that people in the Christian community are not receiving and or finding the support that they need

Rebranding for Christian Caregivers

[15:03] related to dementia and dementia caregiving.
And so with this 100th miscounted episode, I am rebranding this podcast to truly serve the family caregivers of a person living with dementia.

[15:23] The tone and the topics are going going to remain very similar.
I will still be bringing out information related to the actual skills of caregiving that you need to have in order to be an effective caregiver.
I will also continue to talk about faith and faith-based types of solutions to inform your dementia a caregiving journey.
I also will never stop using evidence-based practices because even though, you know, science isn't the infallible rule of everything, scientific.

[16:08] Procedures and structures follow a God-given order and there is value in evidence, the science-backed strategies specifically related to how to manage and decrease caregiver stress and burden.
And so I'm going to continue to expand and expound on those principles throughout this podcast because I want to be both faith forward as well as evidence based in this podcast.
And so if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, I invite you to stick around.
I'm always going to love you and I will serve you to the best of my abilities.
And I would love to continue to educate and support and love you through this podcast.
But if you are a Christian and you are in a dementia caregiving journey, I ask you to stick around.
I ask you to listen to this podcast.
I ask you to subscribe to this podcast. I ask you to speak to the leadership in your church about having me come and do a presentation related to dementia and dementia caregiving from a biblical and Christian question worldview, I ask you to.

Spreading Awareness and Seeking Support

[17:34] Share this podcast with people that you know and love who are in a dementia caregiving journey.
I ask you to start to talk to people at church about your struggles with being a dementia caregiver.
I know that there is a significant stigma related to cognitive loss and that many Many family caregivers of people who have cognitive loss are in the church pews and they go totally unrecognized by everybody around them because they are not telling people what they are going through.
So if that be you, I hope you find a haven here in listening to this podcast.
I know today's episode was very different, and I thank you for being here today.
And I truly hope that you will find some hope in the resurrection of Christ and that this process and this journey that you are on is only temporary and that we have hope in the resurrection.
And even though we are going through a dementia caregiving journey, we have hope.
Of all people in the world, we are the ones with hope.

[19:01] And so I thank you for listening.
Please come back. Please like and share.
And please, if you have found any value in this podcast, I ask you to go to Apple Podcasts and leave me a written review related to the change in the tone of this podcast.

[19:23] If you have questions, please reach out to me. I am here to serve you.
And as I always, from now on, will end this broadcast. podcast.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, and I will see you in the next episode.

[19:44] Thanks for joining me today, Success Seeker. I pour my heart and soul into this program to serve you.
You can serve me by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts and join our free Facebook group, Dementia Caregiving for Families.
It's a positive and proactive space to navigate dementia caregiving together.
Get practical tools and find support, but without the verbal vomit.
Be a part of our community where we seek to find peace of mind and ease, despite the dementia diagnosis.
So join today and see you next time as our flight takes off.

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About the author

“Think Different” Dementia’s owner, Lizette Cloete, OTR/L graduated as an Occupational Therapist from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 1992. Lizette has almost 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of settings, the latest being in the home health environment. She enjoys teaching on the topic of dementia, most recently presenting at a national conference on the topic “Dementia Made Simple”.

Disclaimer: These blogs, videos and any work done by Lizette Cloete OT, as a Member of Think Different Dementia, LLC, is given only as educational content and consulting work. This does not create an Occupational Therapist-Patient Relationship. The educational content and consulting work performed should not be considered medical treatment as an Occupational Therapist. The consulting work does not take the place of medical work normally performed by a licensed Occupational Therapist. Please consult a licensed Occupational Therapist for medical advice.

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