Christian Dementia Caregiving Podcast

with Lizette Cloete, Christian Dementia Coach


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Christian Dementia Caregiving Podcast

Wow! This was timely

I’m so happy to have found this podcast. My grandmother has her. Diagnosed and my mom is her full time care taker. It’s been hard and this is so valuable I’m sharing with my mom!!

Excellent job!

Shared knowledge and enthusiasm.

Very good, learned new stuff!!!

This was the most interactive and engaging online course I have ever taken. Lizette is very knowledgeable and made the learning interesting.


Lizette did a great job on the presentation and I would highly recommend the course!


Extremely informative and valuable!

Lizette has a wealth of information and experience to share! I look forward to listening and learning more about this important subject.


Excellent podcast for anyone with a loved one with dementia

Lizette does a wonderful job at informing and counseling caregivers of dementia patients with practical advice and emotional support. Thank you for your help.

Christian Dementia Caregiving Podcast

with Lizette Cloete, Christian Dementia Coach

Do Dementia Differently: Make Dementia Caregiving Easy

Current Progress
Current Progress

Hey  I'm Lizette!

Are you a Christian caring for a spouse or the adult child of someone living with dementia and want to glorify God and honor your loved-one despite a dementia diagnosis?

The struggle is real…

What if you could take the frustration, overwhelm and regret you’ve been feeling for years while dementia caregiving and turn it into becoming healthy, happy and resilient as a caregiver?

Hi! I’m Lizette Cloete, veteran Occupational therapist, pastor’s wife and daughter of 2 parents with cognitive loss.

And we are on this journey together.

With over 30+ years of experience as an occupational-therapist-turned-dementia-coach and 5 years of being a daughter-of-dementia, as well as being a pastor’s wife, I have helped thousands of families navigate a dementia care journey from diagnosis to death.

My personal experience as a Christian family caregiver to my parents has opened my eyes to the complexities related to caregiving.

The real struggles of balancing my own roles and responsibilities, honoring my father and my mother, being my husband's help mate and glorifying God, despite dementia.

Balancing my own health, my own resources and my own relationships while caregiving.

That is not even discussing navigating the healthcare system with, and for, my parents.

This prompted me to develop a unique process to dementia caregiving. From a Biblical and reformed Christian perspective.

But using the science-backed solutions to dementia caregiving specifically that I have “in my back pocket” from being an occupational therapist with specialty certifications in dementia care.

Listen to this podcast where you will learn 3 things:

1. Biblical principles of caregiving.
2. Practical solutions to real dementia situations
3. Resources to help you decrease your stress, reduce your burnout and redeem your time.

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Guiding Your Dementia Caregiving Journey:

Christ-Centered Caregiver Focused Dementia Care

Alzheimer's & Dementia Caregiving:

Science Backed Solutions From A Christian Perspective

“Think Different” Dementia, LLC is a dementia mentoring, education and consulting company. Our mission is to help Christian caregivers of someone living with dementia by bringing you clarity, giving you direction and developing your skills for your journey.

Framing dementia caregiving from a Biblical and Reformed perspective, the owner Lizette Cloete has a Christ-centered and caregiver focused approach to dementia care.

Combining evidence-based solutions and weekly tracking of stress levels, Think Different Dementia (TDD) can demonstrate to caregivers exactly what is causing their stress and help you reduce burnout.

As Christians, we are mandated to be good stewards of all God has given us. And that includes our time, our health and our relationships. God requires that we continue to glorify and enjoy him forever- despite a dementia diagnosis.

TDD knows that time is the one resource that we cannot regain, and we help Christians redeem their time. It is our emphatic belief that people living with dementia and their caregivers can continue to live quality lives.

We believe that by using the right strategies, effective communication and care-giver support, we can delay functional decline and improve quality of life.

We believe that people with dementia are created in the image of God and as such, deserve honor, respect and love.

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