Dementia Caregiving for Families Podcast

with Lizette Cloete

Using science backed strategies to decrease stress, reduce burnout and redeem the time of spouses and adult children living with dementia.

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Wow! This was timely

I’m so happy to have found this podcast. My grandmother has her. Diagnosed and my mom is her full time care taker. It’s been hard and this is so valuable I’m sharing with my mom!!


Wonderful information

Wow you are helping so many people who need to hear this information- keep up the good work!!

The Kollmann's

A true expert

Lizette is an expert and world-class OT. This is information that is truly needed.

Christine Hartmann


So thankful to have this as a resource for families! So many families will be blessed by this podcast.


Extremely informative and valuable!

Lizette has a wealth of information and experience to share! I look forward to listening and learning more about this important subject.


Excellent podcast for anyone with a loved one with dementia

Lizette does a wonderful job at informing and counseling caregivers of dementia patients with practical advice and emotional support. Thank you for your help.

Dementia Caregiving for Families Podcast

with Lizette Cloete

Using science backed strategies to decrease stress, reduce burnout and redeem the time of spouses and adult children living with dementia.

Current Progress
Current Progress

Hey  I'm Lizette!

Ever feel like dementia caregiving is a journey through uncharted territory?

I'm Lizette Cloete, an Occupational Therapist and a daughter of 2 parents with cognitive loss.

I am on this unique journey with you.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of dementia care with grace and expertise.

With over 30 years as an Occupational Therapist, I've been the “navigator” in many caregiving journeys, guiding 1000’s families through their often turbulent journey into calmer skies while dementia caregiving.

My recent personal experience as a caregiver to my parents has added a deeper layer to my understanding. I have now navigated through both familiar and new terrains.

Imagine dementia caregiving as a flight. As your navigator on this journey, I’m here to help you chart the course, prepare for the unexpected, and find moments of peace and find joy in this journey.

My unique process, developed from years of expertise and personal experience, is designed using science backed strategies that decrease your stress, teach you how to reduce “challenging” behaviors so you don’t burn out and help you redeem your time together.

So you can have Stress-Less Dementia Caregiving today.

Lizette Cloete OT


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navigating in reverse

Guiding Your Journey in Dementia Caregiving
Navigating Together Through Both the Turbulent and the Tranquil

Stress-Less Dementia Caregiving for Spouses & Adult Children Using Science Backed Strategies

“Think Different” Dementia, LLC is a dementia education, coaching and consultation company. Its mission is to help families of people with dementia navigate the journey with increased ease. Using science backed strategies and weekly tracking of stress levels, Think Different Dementia (TDD) can show caregivers how to decrease stress and reduce burnout, so that they can maintain their own health and relationships despite being a caregiver. TDD knows that time is the one resource that we cannot regain, and helps families redeem their time.

It is our emphatic belief that people living with dementia can continue to live quality lives and that we can delay their functional decline with the right strategies and care-giver support.

We know it can be easy for daughters of dementia to help their parent with dementia without feeling overwhelmed and we use unique caregiving skills to do so.

“Think Different” Dementia has a mission to bring the skills to simplify dementia caregiving to the world using technology and online platforms.

We believe that people with dementia are created in the image of God and as such, deserve honor, respect and love.

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